The Milanko's Trip

Finally the Spanish Team have finished our “Czech Tale” you can read it right here!

Our new logo!

Congrats on Isabel (of the Safa Team) for this nice logo which will represent the E-Twinning project!

During the last weeks before the Christmas Holidays, we have done this task: we matched the partner countries with each other. Each national team read the fairy tales of the matched countries and finally create their own tale by adding some national motifs. At the end an ebook will be created for each book and the stories will be also vocalized.

We haven’t finished yet our Czech Tale, but we have defined a great plot together!! And now, we are writing it and drawing it to share with you.
Now we can share this diagram that we draw until we were inventing the story.

The story talks about Milanko, a boy who start a trip to get a branch of the greatest cherry tree for his lover. But, when he gets it, he falls and lose his memory. To turn it back he must help a strange sailor to recover his lost love…